Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Mac Antique Gold Reflects Glitter

I recently used this to go with a dress I wore for our annual dental ball, but unfortunately did not take any close-ups of the makeup that day, so will just put up a few old photos :)
I looove this glitter!

Lashes are from Ardell, I think they are Demi Pixies.

The gold went quite well with the dress I wore:

Hope everyone is wrapped up and ready for the cold showers that just hit London this week ;'(


Monday, 19 October 2009

Dream Cake

Has anybody seen my dream cake? XD
it's purple, it's blue, it's Corpes Bride themed and has butterflies sticking out of it?!


damn. pinkcakebox is American........what a surprise.............

Monday, 13 July 2009

VR gig outfit

Although I'm no longer going to see D'espairsRay, still decided to get dressed up and take a few pics~~~just coz I like my outfit....=.=

BarryM Nail paint

It's the holidays soon and I'll finally be able to wear nail polish!
Falllen in love with BarryM nail paints, they've got the whole collection of candy rainbow colours and one coat shows the colour perfectly, two coats lasts me a week with little chipping!

Also, they are always on sale in superdrugs, so that's a plus anyday :)

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Ice Age 3 !!

Go see it!! 
Good exercise for your stomach muscles, I laughed all through the film XDXD

we also did not return the 3D glasses...........=,=''

Jemma Kidd haul and eylure lahses

Back on track with some Beauty related stuff.

Went to SpaceNK last week, wanted to find a
 new eye serum and some spot correcting concealers, as I'm having a major breakout episode :(

The MA was really nice, I was initially interested in the ByTerry collection as I've heard great things about their face products, but I was told that they are fairly illuminating, and as I'm very prone to shine.......that a matte concealer would be better.

He tried the Jemma Kidd School of make up dual shade concealers on my face, with a blending brush, and the result was GREAT. So I bought both the brush and the concealer XD.

I mostly use the shade at the bottom as it's the lighter one. The other shade is too dark for my face but acts well as a base for cheek contour.

The blending brush was a little expensive (18 pounds) but I liked that it had a little structure and stiffness to it which is perfect for use with some less easily blend-able products, such as cream shadows and concealers.

They must be doing a promotion because I got to choose an eye-shadow for free, so I chose an all over shimmery olive-bronze, as I was very much in the summery mood that day :)

also got some Ren Products: eye serum and a oil balancing face fluid which are both light enough for the summer, but moisturizing enough for me.

Finally a very neutral, barely there look I did with the Jemma Kidd shadow and a pair of eylure lashes I bought a year ago, and had only opened last week XD

Hope everyone's enjoying the hot weather~ don't forget to drink lots! XD

Thursday, 11 June 2009

How do you know the summer is here?

How was your weekend?
I'm ending it with something sweet~~ 
give me the fuel for Monday.....and the rest of the week XD

I love my Birthday, not because you get to wear summer dresses, or because there's sunshine.
but because I Always get to have Lots and Lots of summer fruits for dessert XD

Went to my favourite fruit store in Holborn today, the one in the little alleyway?~

Also bought some cold custard from sainsbury's~and I feel like I'm feasting lol.

Cherries 3pounds  per kg~ and not those sour ones either, gigantic and sweet.
oh this really makes my day.

My fruit salad for lunch~~
planning on having cherries for dinner XD~~

How has your summer gone so far?